The Elf Wars Slots

Instead of good cheer and goodwill towards men, the north pole is in a state of war. Santa's trusted elves have gone rogue. You must pick your side and prepare to battle to the end with Real-Time Gaming's Elf War Slots. Elf War is a twisted, dark, but rewarding five-reel game that puts a whole new spin on the meaning of Christmas.

Real-Time Gaming Stops At Nothing

Real-Time Gaming loves to surprise and thrill its audience. While this proud and illustrious game developer has developed a successful lineup of traditional Christmas games, it tries something new, and it has garnered the same success with Elf War. Real-Time Gaming continues an unrivaled collaboration with the vaulted flash engine, which preserves the graphics and critical game integrity so you can have a tremendous experience playing the game straight online or offline on your chosen device.

Practice With The Wicked Elves

Before jumping two feet in this wacky five-reel affair called Elf Wars, it might help if you played some demo rounds. There are many benefits to the demo play of this game. You can familiarize yourself with all the game's facets without having to lose money.

A Twisted North Pole Setting

When you typically think about the north pole, snow and Santa's workshop naturally come to mind as they frantically build towards the Christmas Eve deadline. Well, Elf Wars does have snow and the workshop, but the workshop is in complete disarray thanks to the warring elves, along with Santa's boiling feud with Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer. The action happens in the middle of the ransacked workshop, but don't worry, you still have plenty of chances to win spinning the reels. The reels and the fonts still carry a festive Christmas tone and theme.

There Is No War With The Game Design

Elf Wars presents plenty of chaotic gameplay, but navigating the game is simple. Elf Wars provides the user with the spin and autoplay buttons to handle individual spins. Remember. The autoplay feature is stout enough to handle scores of bets. The pay line arrows and the coin buttons make setting up stakes a breeze. We will talk more about the payment features shortly in this article. The paytable section is a click away to reveal all of Elf Wars' wicked yet rewarding characters and wins. The options button manages the small game details so you can keep your eye on the prize.

These Elves Offer Many Things

Elf Wars doesn't hold back on the winning opportunities. Players can win during regular gameplay, but you can continue winning the numerous and lucrative bonus rounds. We will talk about all the treasures this game offers further in this article, but it seems the only thing that Elf Wars doesn't have, is a progressive jackpot, but with so many bonus rounds within the chaos, you are in good hands.

Introducing The Magnificent Pay Lines

Elf Wars features fifty pay lines. You can go for maximum elf chaos and gamble on all fifty pay lines, or you can step back from the mayhem and gamble on a smaller amount of pay lines. Elf Wars also permits single pay line wagers.

Don't Shy Away From The Coin Bet

With so much ruckus and strife happening in the game, it would help if you know that making accurate wagers is easy. Elf Wars recognizes stakes as small as one-cent. The values augment in nickel values, and it can increase up to five dollars per spin. If you want maximum chaos, then Elf Wars supports a maximum bet of $250.

Finding Order In The Pay Table

Elf Wars has an abundance of winning characters and icons compared to additional Real-Time Gaming slots. The game's wild symbols include the storming Santa and the blood-thirsty Rudolph. Both of these angry titans double-winning combinations and substitute for the other game symbols with the exception of elves. Both Santa and Rudolph lead up to 2,000 credits.

The north pole sign remains intact with 1,500 credits and Frosty shells out 1,000 credits. Elf Wars features the rocket chopper, which pays up to 750 credits. There is also candy, chocolates, and the scroll that pays up to 250 credits. The festive, high-value playing cards don't disappoint with their 150 to 125 credits. Elf Wars recognizes wins when a trifecta of an icon lands beginning on the reel's left.

Now The Bonuses

As stated and mentioned earlier, we are now going to discuss Elf Wars' vast bonuses. It carries over the splendid bonuses available from the Santa versus Rudolph series of slot games in many ways. We begin with the elf re-spin feature. This lucrative bonus commences when either two good elf scatters or two of the bad ones land on the pay line. You are granted a series of re-spins while the triggering reels are locked in place. If you get a trio of either the good elves or the bad elves, you can choose between either the Santa Strikes Back, the good fortune bonus, Rudolph's Revenge, or Rudolph's Rampage bonus round.

If you are playing Rudolph's Rampage, this bonus requires you to find the three missing elves hidden somewhere in the ransacked room, but act quickly before time runs out. The secondary note about this game includes the red present, the blue present, and the green present. Santa Strikes Back introduces seven free spins. The jackpot spins feature has the player spin the reels to reveal a particular prize. You can spin the reels up to eight times, and you can win the progressive jackpot in the process. Elf Wars also has a feature guarantee to make sure you don't fall on hard times.

The Power Of Free Spins

Santa Strikes Back introduces the seven free spins. With each passing spin, the winning multiplier grows by a factor of one.

Don't Worry About The Losses

Elf Wars is no different from any slot game because it means losses might incur anytime you spin the reels. The great thing about Elf Wars is that it features a high return to player to help keep your spirits up.

Elf Wars Dominates The Internet Chatter

There is plenty of buzz surrounding Elf Wars to this day. If you search the internet, you can find many articles full of positive buzz.

Step Up And Win

Elf Wars is available at many online casinos, which provides a series of promotions. Newly signed up members have welcome packages, while established members have cashback bonuses and free spins bonuses.

All In The Name Of Fun

Elf Wars wants all players to enjoy themselves playing this wacky title, so please don't take this game too seriously.

Put The Real Bet Down

Elf Wars is ready to unload the winning bets, but you have to place a real bet. Online casinos typically provide Visa and MasterCard as betting options. They are free to use. Bitcoin might be an option to get into this wacky affair, and you can typically rely on Neteller and Skrill.

Take The Elves On The Go

Elf Wars can be played in the comfort of your living room, or you can play in the palm of your hand. Elf Wars is optimized for mobile play.