Football Frenzy Slots

American football dominates North America, but soccer is the world’s premier sport. Real-Time Gaming understands this very well, and it proudly presents Football Frenzy, your five-reel, and fifty pay lines ticket to a personal world cup where you are destined to win. Football Frenzy takes the soccer craze to new and rewarding levels. Let’s discuss the details together.

Real-Time Gaming Really Kicks

Yes. Real-Time Gaming went to the drawing board to produce and develop Football Frenzy. While typical soccer slots are monotone, Football Frenzy offers two modes to play and win. Don’t worry. We will talk about these modes in deeper detail, but it is important to note that this game is full of rewarding bonuses, including the exciting and crowd-pleasing penalty kick. Real-Time Gaming once more turns to the flash engine to protect the vital gaming integrity. You can take the kick of a lifetime for soccer immortality at home, or you can play on the go, mobile style.

Practice Running Up And Down The Field

Football Frenzy is jam-packed with all the glory and fandom of a real-life World Cup. Tremendous rewards are awaiting you in this five-reel edge-of-your-seat thriller., but you don’t have to rush onto the field. Please take your time to get to know this stellar game before gambling for real.

Soccer Is The Theme Of The Game

If there was any question, soccer dominates this game from start to finish. The gameplay takes place directly on the field. Remember. Football Frenzy provides two modes to play this game. The first mode is the striker mode, where you play fewer free spins than the lucky feature. The game dynamics such as the fonts and the reels immerse you in this soccer extravaganza.

An Intricate Design

Football Frenzy has all the essential game functions. There are the spin button and the autoplay feature where you take charge of bets to suit your needs. The spin button makes life unpredictable yet fun because you don’t know if you will score a goal. The autoplay feature takes a lot of stress off your shoulders, but it arranges scores in bunches that are unpredictable.

Take charge of the scoring bets with the pay line arrows and coin buttons. We will talk about these Football Frenzy features further on in this article. The paytable is full of exciting characters on the verge of ecstasy. The options button tweaks the small game settings.

A Soccer Game For All Fans

Kick, score, and win. And win you shall when you play Football Frenzy. This game is full of extra bonus rounds, such as the epic free spins round, along with the thrilling penalty kick bonus round. And to send the crowd in a frenzy, Football Frenzy has a penalty kick bonus round.

Devour The Pay Lines

Football Frenzy stacks the deck with fifty pay lines. The pay line arrows give you the edge in this regard. Go for soccer immortality by gambling on all fifty pay lines, or take your time and wagering on a smaller number of pay lines. You can ease your way into this epic struggle by playing on only one pay line.

Take Control Of Your Bet

Football Frenzy lets the striker, you, take charge of the bet. Football Frenzy recognizes stakes as low as one cent, but this can quickly grow up to $250.

Feed On The Paytable

Football Frenzy is a treasure trove of exciting and rewarding game icons. The info button reveals all of these features. Football Frenzy’s wild symbol is the enthusiastic striker. A single striker is enough to send the crowd into overdrive by doubling winning combinations. The striker only lands on the first and fifth reels, and it doubles winning combinations.

The soccer stadium itself represents Football Frenzy’s scatter symbol. The immortal soccer ball shells out 500 credits, and the goalie stands his ground with 500 credits. The referee and the fan keep the excitement going with 300 credits. The trophy, scarf, whistle, and the glass of beer pay you up to 200 credits. Football Frenzy awards win when a trifecta of an icon lands on the reel, beginning on the left side.

Stand Tall In The Bonus Round

Football Frenzy has a robust and riveting free spins round, but it is also has a penalty kick round. Do you have the guts and the stones to take the ultimate kick? If you do, then you might win up to 900 times your bet playing in the penalty kick bonus round. The more Football Frenzy goals you score, the greater your points and rewards. If you achieve eight goals or miss two kicks, you are granted a golden ball which further amplifies wins. The golden ball triples winning combinations. Football Frenzy offers a progressive jackpot that can occur at the conclusion of a spin to top everything off.

Don’t Pass Up The Free Spins Round

Football Frenzy dishes up free spins. The number of stadiums determines the number of free spins. A trio starts you off with eight free spins, while four stadiums dish out ten to 25 free spins. If you get five stadiums on the pay line, then enjoy between fifty to 100 free spins.

Football Frenzy has two modes. The lucky feature impacts the free spins by rewarding wins with a regular winning multiplier, and you might have the option of getting into the free-kicks feature. If you choose the striker mode, free spins wins are tripled.

The Fanfare Of The Return To Player

Football Frenzy lays it all out on the line, but sometimes the spin is not going to go your way. Please don’t lose heart because this title features an excellent return to the player ratio.

Step Up And Win

There are endless online casinos that host and support Football Frenzy, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties getting into the game. There are welcome packages that boost initial deposits and free spins packages. There ought to be cashback bonuses and delicate daily bonuses to help increase winning chances. Please don’t pass up the internet because it remains the prime option to encounter no deposit bonuses.

Play For The Fun Of It

Soccer is a very passionate game, but Football Frenzy is designed for you to enjoy. Please take some time to play for free before moving up to the big time.

Bank On It

If you are genuinely ready to take to the field, you must make a deposit. The online casino supporting Football Frenzy is sure to have various bonuses, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Visa and MasterCard are typical options to process Football Frenzy. There is an initial frenzy getting the cashier’s approval so you can use them, but when you do, deposits are processed instantly and for free. You can also use debit cards to tear down the goalie. Bitcoin might be another option to hit the playing field. Bitcoin saves you time and paperwork, but you need a Bitcoin wallet to use it. E-wallets are excellent and easy options to use to get onto the field.

Take The Frenzy On Your Mobile Phone

Can’t get enough of Football Frenzy? Good. Football Frenzy is optimized for blockbuster wins and soccer immortality on smart devices and laptops.